About Us

Bottom of Pyramid Energy and Environmental Innovations is a Social Venture that develops renewable energy and other technologies for the rural India. This company will be the next Infosys or Google of social ventures. We emphasize equality, treat employees, customers and all stakeholders fairly.

This venture was inspired by the teachings of Manashakti Center for Peace of Mind, Lonavala and Management Guru Prof C K Prahalad. We work hard to make technology work for the comman man in a green manner. Our engineering strategy is driven by the desire to provide products that will last for decades. Given a choice between additional revenues vs. longer lasting products, we choose the later in the interest of humanity and the environment.

Vision: Our vision is to be a company that sets the highest example of a corporation living in harmony with environment and civic society.

Mission: Technology for equality.

Core Values:

Equality: We believe that purpose of human life must be equality (ref: Purpose of Universe by Swami Vijnananand, Manashakti Center for Peace of Mind, Lonavala, India). Hence, everything we do must create equality in this world.

Integrity: We must operate with integrity no matter who we deal with- employees, customers, investors, government or society at large. Even large lucrative deals must not shake our resolve to operate with integrity.

Sustainability: We believe that we must live on this planet in an responsible manner and make it better than what it was for the future generations.

Pursuit of Excellent: Everything we do must be world class yet affordable.

Innovation: We must innovate and push the ‘price- performance’ envelop continuously. (Ref: Prof C K Prahalad).

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